Update: Added FAQ section. Agenda is also here!

The poster is here http://www.anu-cssa.com/gamecamp/ICGCPoster.pdf

The ImagineCup Game Camp is a completely free 2-day games workshop on the weekend of October 23rd-24th. We will be using XNA Games Studio and a speaker from Microsoft will be leading everyone through actually making a game over the course of the two period. At the end of the event the best games will be judged and great prizes will be won, including:

-Xbox360 Consoles
-Xbox Games
-Microsoft Hardware (Mice, KB etc)

There will also be industry guest speakers from local game studios including 2K Marin, MicroForte and from the AIE. The Saturday night will also include a fun games/LAN party with free pizza!


Whilst regisration isn't required, and you can still turn up on the day, it would really help in terms of catering if you would kindly register if planning to attend
The full registration page with event info is available here: http://icgamecamp.eventbrite.com.
Or you can use the quick form below:


Q: Who is this event for? Can I come?
A: It is open to everyone, as long as you have some programming experience you can come =)

Q: Are we really making a game in the 2-days?
A: Yes. Ofcourse it won't be huge but you'll make something that you can play =) Then the best ones made will be judged and you can win prizes. Note also that if you wanted to get ahead and make something even cooler/bigger, bringing ideas ready to go or even things to add into your game would definately help, but you don't need to.

Q: How is this related to the actual Imagine Cup?
A: We are encouraging everyone to keep working on their games with their friends/team-members after the event and then submit it to the Imagine Cup when you think it's ready =)

Q: Do I have to have a team before I come?
A: Nope! You don't have to don't have to have a team. You can either make your game on your own or form groups during the event =) You can also organize your own team beforehand too and stay in it if you wish. This would work well for continueing on to submit to the real Imagine Cup later but isn't required.

Q: Does my game have to stick to the Imagine Cup theme?
A: You don't have to, but its better if you do as you can then submit your game to the actual Imagine Cup with less extra work =) If you have a really cool idea that you're keen on doing though you can go ahead and do that- you'll still be eligible for the prizes in this event.

Q: Do I have to come for the whole event?
A: We realise a lot of people might have other weekend commitments that might clash- you should be okay to catch up if you miss a session or two =) You're also more than welcome to drop by anytime and just check out the event for fun even if you're not staying for the whole thing.

Q: I already know some XNA, is it okay if I skip ahead of everyone during the event?
A: It's okay =)

Feel free to email thavidu [AT] thavidu.com if you have any questions.

What to bring

Bring your laptop and be ready to have a lot of fun!

Also try and think of some ideas for a game before you come (though you don't have to), and try and stick to the imagine cup theme-
see http://www.imaginecup.com/competitions/game-design for ideas and theme info. You can also look at previous years games there from the World Finals.

It would also be good to install XNA Game Studio (free! from Microsoft), from the following page:

You will get to try out your game on both Xbox and on your PC. You might possibly even get to try it on the new, still unreleased Windows Phone 7 if you're lucky =D

Where to go

The event is at the Chem T1 lecture theatre at ANU, the maps and directions are embedded below.
Parking areas and routes are also labelled. You can click on the markers to see what they are! RED is important =)

View ICGC in a larger map


The event will start 10am on both Saturday and Sunday.
The games night/LAN Party will be from 6pm onwards (probably til around 9 or 10pm)

Tentative times: 10am - 9pm Saturday (Games night 6pm+)
          10am - 6pm Sunday.

Welcome to the Imagine Cup Game Camp
Karo Esmaili, Microsoft
What is XNA and what is it doing to my leg?
Luke Drumm, Readify
How to create a game narrative
James Sharpe, 2K Marin
Breaking into the amazing 2nd Dimension
Luke Drumm, Readify
3D, just like them Hollywood types
Luke Drumm, Readify
Afternoon tea
The secret sauce of making stuff fun
Luke Drumm Readify
Insights into the gaming industry and 2K Marin
Tim Cooper and Adam Bryant, 2K Marin
Time to relax, XBOX360 Gaming Night!
Shaders: All your friends are using them
Luke Drumm, Readify
Performance... no, really
Luke Drumm, Readify
Pipelines of power
Luke Drumm, Readify
Do you really get paid for being a game tester?
Dale, Microforte
Secret successful game developer knowledge
Luke Drumm, Readify
Afternoon tea
Converting your game to a Windows Phone 7 application
Luke Drumm, Readify
The Imagine Cup Journey
Lea Bartlett, AIE
Competition Judging/Winners announced
Judging Panel